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What is a full charge bookkeeper?


To ensure success as a full charge bookkeeper, you should have advanced knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting systems, excellent project management skills, and a good eye for detail. A skilled full charge bookkeeper efficiently handles all the accounting needs of the company, streamlining the business.

Online students add up to $1,155.85 to total cost for required and optional textbooks. What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. Based on 317 responses, the job of Full Charge Bookkeeper has received a job satisfaction rating of 4.13 out of 5. On average, Full Charge Bookkeepers are highly satisfied with their job. The largest numbers of bookkeepers are employed in high population states like California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New York. The highest wages for bookkeepers are offered in the states of Washington, D.C., Alaska, Connecticut, California, and Massachusetts. We believe that diversity and inclusion are key to building a strong and successful team.


We are excited to add this brand new position for our organization. The Full Charge Bookkeeper is responsible for completing full cycle accounting duties. The Full Charge Bookkeeper also performs routine financial calculations and general ledger duties. The Full Charge Bookkeeper may also check the accuracy of calculations performed by other employees and may be responsible for payroll.

  • The Full Charge Bookkeeper has primary accounting responsibilities at Maximum Fun.
  • According to the Navitance Blog, 82 percent of small businesses fail because of cash flow problems.
  • Working at a small company, this position may be in charge of every aspect of the company’s finances.
  • Based on 317 responses, the job of Full Charge Bookkeeper has received a job satisfaction rating of 4.13 out of 5.
  • We’re collaborative, explaining what the numbers mean, rather than just emailing reports.

Many full charge bookkeeper seek Full Charge Bookkeepers whose bookkeeping expertise allows them to work through financial statements. ” According to the website “techopedia,” a small business is one with fewer than 99 employees, while a medium-sized business has fewer than 1,000. Small businesses may include things such as dentist offices and clinics as well as hair salons and restaurants. Medium-sized businesses may include hotel chains or markets as well as manufacturers.

Duties & Responsibilities 8

Bookkeepers may also find that jobs like cost estimators, financial clerks, purchasing agents, and loan officers have similar responsibilities. ADKF is the largest, locally owned public accounting firm in San Antonio, Texas, with branch offices in Boerne and New Braunfels. A Bookkeeper maintains records of financial transactions by using QuickBooks, to account and post transactions. While training client personnel, and ensuring that state and federal payroll requirements are in compliance.

How to Become a Full Charge Bookkeeper

Though some jobs require a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, some full charge bookkeeper jobs only require an associate degree or certification. You must study the basics of business accounting, accounting software, and billing to gain the skills and qualifications for this career. To become a certified full charge bookkeeper, you must pass the certification exam and meet all requirements laid out by The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

Calculation of monthly bonuses and bonus accruals for professional staff. We’re looking for a Full Charge Bookkeeper to manage all aspects of our financial records, from Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to Payroll and General Ledger. You will be the one to ensure that our financial records are accurate and up-to-date, and that our books are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Discover how your pay is adjusted for skills, experience, and other factors

Those seeking to work as Full-Charge Bookkeepers should make display in their resumes of at least a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or another finance-related field. Additionally, these bookkeepers may be required to collaborate with accountants at times. That is almost certainly true if the company does business internationally. In fact, the full charge bookkeeper may work for a business of some size.

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The responsibilities of this position match the job title in some respects, as “full charge” bookkeepers take charge of a company’s complete financial processes. This means that they make journal entries, close and open books at the beginning and end of accounting periods, and issue financial statements to the owners and company management. They are expected to reconcile expenditures and revenues, and make any adjustments based on depreciation or amortization. Employees in this position can work in small offices or companies where they won’t have any other employees to supervise.

Full Charge Bookkeeper Requirements:

Qualifications for a job description may include education, certification, and experience. Processed weekly payroll for approximately 25 employees utilizing ADP.

How do I price myself as a bookkeeper?

Charge Based on a Percentage of Your Client's Income

An industry standard would be to charge about 1-3% of your client's gross income, and that is about what they should spend on a monthly bookkeeper (or all of their bill pay and invoicing or other office tasks).

A full-charge bookkeeper manages all cash receipts and disbursements, and is responsible for all accounting records including invoices, shipping documents, and bank statements. The salary for a full charge bookkeeper can range from $28,000 to $60,000, with a median income of $40,000 and variations depending on experience, location, and employer. Workers in this position can be hourly employees, earning anywhere from $13 to $26 an hour. In addition, many employers offer the opportunity for commissions and profit sharing. Successful bookkeepers can earn annual bonuses that may total an average of $3000 per year. The full charge bookkeeper analyzes the trial balance and makes any necessary adjusting journal entries to correct discrepancies, notes Solution Scout.

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